Founded in 2013

Greater Houston Track Club has created a model that builds confidence, character, and health within our youth across the Greater Houston Metro Area. Over our brief time on the Youth Track and Field Scene, Greater Houston Track Club Youth have tallied over 60 AAU & USATF Youth All Americans. We strive to provide our youth exceptional experiences in the sport of Track and Field, and so far on this quest our athletes have had the opportunity to compete on the very competitive and diverse National Level; traveling to locales in the United States.

Greater Houston Track Club’s was formed around the concept of uniting volunteers, parents, and coaches around the sport we love, track and field, and utilizing this passion to help develop our Stellar Athletes, Scholars, and Future Leaders.

Volunteers, Parents, Community

Greater Houston Track Club consists of Volunteers, Parents, and Coaches that share the Mission & Vision to enhance, promote Social and Emotional learning (SEL) among young athletes. This program has been created to challenge and educate our young athletes while having fun.

We have accepted the challenge to fight obesity and we’re committed to promoting The Let's Move Campaign within the community.

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The platform of "Each one Serve one" is an important aspect of Greater Houston Track Club; We partner with other Community Organizations to serve our community at large by extending awareness to the parents, families, and friends in the sport of Track and Field.

We believe emphasis on the following fundamentals will lead to a Very Healthy and Constructive Future for our Young Athletes.

Mission Statement

Greater Houston Track Club is to make a positive impact on the lives of track and field athletes by bridging the gap between our youth and our community through supporting, motivating, and encouraging our athletes to strive for excellence as they grow to become confident leaders in our community


Greater Houston Track Club envisions though its community program and services, hundreds of young people, coaches, educators and volunteers uniting to help inspire change in our youth. We envision our programs can provide positive and measurable outcomes that make a lasting impact on the lives of children

We served our country with honor, now we serve our community and our youth.

We welcome all Military Vet GH to volunteer.


GH High School Athletes
Bryson Stubblefield & 
Fort Bend Marshall Track Team for Great Season!

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